Friday, April 23, 2010

Don’t Lose Your Confidence as a Writer

Now, I am back to almost normal blogging and things are again brightening up. Traffic of my main blog, South Asia Blog is now up significantly and revenue has increased too. So, I am more or less in a relaxed mood. I did a research work in the last two weeks and it was good. Well, it was sort of a ghost work and I did not get the credit. I got some decent amount of money and I am happy for it. Now, I can give some time to do some research. I am also thinking of writing a short story.
I have written a novel and I posted about the two characters here:
If you can find some time then read it. The novel is mainly a love story and the hero and the heroine faces some obstacles. Some people liked these two characters and if you read the description then I guess that some of you will like it too.  

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