Friday, January 15, 2010

Write from your Heart: The Only way to Ensure Success

It was 4 years ago this time- third week of January 2006. I was in another country and I went there to get married (I met my wife through Internet). Before that, I left my job in my own city and in the country, there was no way of earning money as I did not know the language. So, the only thing to be done was to apply for writing jobs or works in Internet. Nothing good happened for one month and on 19 February 2006, I started writing in my Asianbiz blog again. On 20 February, I started this blog: Literature Blog.
At that time, I had no idea about earning money through blogging. Yes, I already opened Adsense and put Adsense Code on my blog nearly 6 months ago but I had no idea about getting traffic or earning money. I needed to earn money desperately but I was at a loss and I blindly gave all my heart to writing quality entries. When I look back to those days, I realize that I tried with all my heart. My blogs did not bring any success immediately but I got a blogging job at Know More Media Network. I got selected to write in South Asia Biz. I again gave all my heart and tried to develop the blog.
At first, it was very difficult to get traffic. However, after one year of trying, the blog became strong and I learnt the secrets of getting traffic through search engines. Then in December of 2007, a very bad disaster happened. Know More Media was penalized by Google for selling text link advertisements and although Know More Media continued paying us (the bloggers) until July 2008, things started to fall apart from December 2007. Know More Media was closed and the rest is history. I really miss the network as they were very good in every possible way to their bloggers.
2008 was a difficult year for me and I could just hang on. Then at the beginning of 2009, I along with 2 of my students tried for two blogs- South Asia Blog and Sports37 and both of them achieved tremendous success with in just 4-5 months. Of course, it was not easy to achieve good success. I had to again try with all my heart. Fortunately, my two students helped me a lot.
Then again, I suffered a bad disaster. I did not have idea about shared hosting and when these two blogs reached page views of more than 100,000 in a month, the hosting fell apart. I used blogging platform in the two blogs and I had to dismantle them and transfer them to Blogger hosting of Google in June 2009.
Well, then a new disaster happened. On July 2009, my wife and I both became very sick and we are still not fully fit. I cannot work even 25% of past now. Thanks God that my health is gradually coming back and I feel some better in the last few days.
I wrote this background story about myself because I have noticed that my blogs have become weak for 2-3 reasons. First of all, for the last 6 months, we could not work well and as a result, they have become some weak. We lost some back links as two popular blogs dropped the links of our blogs from their blog rolls. Thus, our traffic has decreased or at least not increased and that is why, income has not increased either.
Thus, again, I find myself back to the pavilion and I know that I have to again try from my heart. I have not gone back to the condition of 4 years ago as I have decent income now from my blogs. However, I really like to again write from my heart just like 4 years ago. It was a very tough time but I enjoyed writing. It is the only thing on earth that I can do. I think that I can do it quite well and it is something I really enjoy.
I lost this enjoyment last two years because I had to deal with many problems- personal and professional both. Now, my mind is calm and I think that I am ready for another round of fighting for my career. Sometimes, I feel like the movie ‘Rocky’ because I see success and then I fall flat and then I try again with all my heart.
Living in a third world country has one good side- you don’t need to earn a lot of money to survive. However, there are some nasty limitations like you cannot have a PayPal account. It takes many weeks to encash your Adense Check. Fast Internet is still a dream. Fortunately, at last, I have got Wimax and I now get a speed of 20-30 KBPS.
So, I have to again make a new effort and try from my heart. If you are struggling as a writer, I would give you the same advice- write from your heart. This is indeed the only to become successful. Writing is not an easy profession and it is too much full of uncertainties. The global recession only made things much worse. 
One good thing is that if you really try from your heart and give your best effort then there is a good chance that you will earn enough money to make a living. 

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