Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why You Must not Despair as a Writer?

Despair is similar to gloom or depression. If you are a writer then you know that you have to face several problems. First of all, earning money is always a big challenge for most writers. You have to deal with rejections and sometimes, you may feel that you are not getting good recognition despite writing well. These problems are natural parts of being a writer. Still, you should not despair simply because then it will be very difficult for you to move ahead in your field.
Always, remember that writing is a mental process and you must be cheerful and optimistic. Try to have positive energy. For example, earlier today, I was sad and depressed. Then writing became very difficult or impossible for me. Then, I could cheer up myself that things are not that bad for me and I have great potential. This positive thinking helped me a lot to overcome the despair and I could find some hope again.
Now, I am back to my computer and writing this entry. Before that, I wrote another entry. In fact, the best way to fight against despair is to sit on your writing table or PC and then do some actual writing.

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