Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mental Calm is very Important in Writing

We dream of having happy and peaceful life but the reality is that life is not idea. It is full of stress. Modern life is not good anyway either. I have noticed that if you want to be a writer then having mental calm is a must. It is not easy and your life is full of problems. However, try to evaluate the problems. How many of them really that bad? For example, are you upset now that your favorite lost a football match last night? Is it really that big of a problem to destroy your peace?
I am sure that if you try to look hard then you will find that there are many problems that should not destroy your calm.
So, if possible try to make a list of these problems and try to get rid of the problems that are somewhat artificial. Second thing is that try to have a closer and more emotional relationship with your spouse. This can really helpful in bringing calm in your mind. A good marriage is the best blessing from God but we often do not understand this matter.
Then you can really write in a good way. 

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