Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back to Normal Writing for a Day

If you read my entries these days then you must have become tired of my whining all the time that things are very tough for me. On the one hand, my health has been consistently bad for the last 6 months and in our small network, we have been missing two of our regular bloggers for quite some time now and it has put me in the most challenging condition in my blogging career of 4 years.
Today, one of the bloggers has come back from long sickness and it helped me in every way. So, I feel relaxed and because he did his part of the job, I can now work on my part in a calm mood.
I learnt a valuable lesson today. It is difficult to work under pressure. I was good at working under the pressure and meet strong challenges and deadlines. However, bad health and continuous mental stress have their toll on me and I cannot do that anymore.
My health has been improving lately and it is helping my mind. So, perhaps, from today, I can focus on my writing more and do works regularly.
I need to focus on dealing with mental pressure better. I don’t know if meditation would work for me. However, I really need to now deal with pressure.
Well, at least, today, I don’t have any pressure and I do not need to think of the work of others in my network. I just can focus on my own work. 

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