Friday, March 19, 2010

Self Publishing and Online Publishing

Many of us have the dream to write a book and get published. This dream is very strong and in internet, I can find that there are many companies that would take money from you and publish your book. Self publishing is not bad but I consider that it is not actual publishing. I know that many writers would get annoyed with me but the reality is that the writers who could not get published in a standard way go for self publishing.
I think that it is better to publish your works in a blog or website because then you can make sure that some people will read your works. For example, this blog nearly attracts one hundred visitors per day. That means that per month nearly 3000 people are reading my content.
I know that the content of this blog is not that good because I can not give enough time for it. Still, some people are reading my content. The same can not be said when you are publishing a book on your own and you are spending the money. You just get the satisfaction of printing a book. In most of the cases, hardly anyone will read what you have written.
So, I think that in stead of going for self publishing, you should start a website or blog and even you can make e-books. 

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