Tuesday, March 16, 2010

French Revolution of 1789: What Went Wrong?

After the French revolution took place in 1789, France fell into anarchy. The aristocrats lost their power and many of them were executed. The leaders of the revolution did not have their unity and it was more or less like a civil war. The ordinary people had too much expectation from the revolution and they felt disappointed and frustrated. So, anarchy was the only thing that followed after the revolution and it was a brave tragedy in human history.
The lesson that we have to learn is that when any change or glorious revolution happens in any country, people should try to give it some time to work. They must not have too much expectation and they should not imagine that everything will change overnight. When a bad system is deep in the rout of a country or society then it takes a long time to remove the hidden impacts.
People have to always remember that they make the leaders. The leaders of any political party or any country are made by the ordinary people. They must always remember to push the leaders in the right direction. They must not feel that some leaders will come and make everything ok or save them. This is another lesson we must remember from the French revolution. 

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