Monday, March 22, 2010

Dream, Hope, Living in a Society and Literature

Human life is not ideal. Here, we do not get what we want or dream. We also live in a society. We have relatives, friends, neighbors and unknown people. We get married and we get a new set of family. Thus, it is a very complicated thing to live in a society as a human being. The people who are in higher than you try to offend and oppress you. Even if they are good still, you have to obey them and listen to them. On the other hand, the people who are lower than you, you get the expectations that they must listen to you.
The main problem is that we often just look at others and forget our own situation. We get annoyed and angry with the injustice that we face and experience in our every day life. We do not have the same kind of attitude towards our own misdeeds. Even if you can analyze your own mistakes, you cannot always feel the guilt with the same kind of strength that you feel about the injustice carried towards you by others.
Loneliness is another fear that haunts almost everyone. We sometimes are afraid to express our own feelings just not to offend others. We don’t want to hurt them because we like them and because we don’t want to alienate ourselves. This simple matter is not that simple. In society, we need help from each other. If you today you alienate me then tomorrow you cannot come to me for any help you need.
There are many other factors that put a lot of stress in our mind. That is why, we love to read books, watch movies and listen to music. We like to escape from the tough reality in life. Literature can communicate with us emotionally. That is why, even in this age, many people find pleasure by reading novels. When people are asked to list their most favorite novels then often we can find serious novels come in the list.
A few years ago, BBC carried out a survey of popular Bengali songs. Thousands of people voted and serious and beautiful songs hit the chart. I guess out of 20 songs, only 2-3 were romantic. Not even one cheap or light song could make in to the list.
I don’t know why I started writing this entry. In fact, I wrote it yesterday. May be at that time, I was sad and frustrated. 

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