Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blogging: The Good and the Bad

Last few days, I have been able to work some more compared to the past. My health is improving and I have also come back to blogging. My blogs are doing well again and one of them is South Asia blog. South Asia blog in the last 12 days received around 120,000 page views. It is quite amazing and I am very happy for the success. Good traffic always means more income and I am happy that I am free of the money worry for the time being.
The only problem that I can see at this moment is that I have to write on various topics. For example, on a typical day now, I have to write on sports, blogging, in literature, business, entertainment and technology. It is very difficult and it surely destroys the possibility of writing any quality content. I have good knowledge of South Asia and that’s why when I write something about South Asia then I can hope that it will be good and the same goes for sports. Except these two topics, it is very difficult for me to write quality content on a regular basis especially when I am writing on five or six topics at the same day.
Writing is not an easy thing. I am gradually thinking of just focusing only one topic and writing about it and I know that if I just focus only one thing then I can write quality content and perhaps get good success too. However, at the same time, I have to earn money on a day to day basis and I can not simply neglect it.
Perhaps the best way, is to update other blogs once every week. This way, I can focus on South Asia Blog. Last night, I opened another blog,
If you have any interest about Bangladesh, then this will be a good place for you in future. 

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