Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MBA is Cool but History is Important Too

Yesterday, I was talking with a journalist. We mainly discussed about the current economic crisis and how it is affecting everyone. The economic recession has harmed all the economies a lot. Fortunately, in my country Bangladesh, the impact was not that much felt. However, I felt a lot because I work in blogging and I earn money with Google Adsense. So, bad condition of US economy directly affects me. One of the worst things that has happened in this recession is perhaps that people now a days do not give value to humanities subject. For example, most people are now interested about technology and business.
Doing an MBA is perhaps the best thing for any student anywhere in the world now. As a result, bright students are running after business and technology and people are forgetting humanities subjects like history, philosophy, literature and political science.
When I was young, I made a serious decision of studying humanities. Most of my friends went to science or commerce. At that time, many of my friends could not understand why I was doing it because I was basically a good student. Now, I don’t regret because I understand the importance of humanities subjects.
Yesterday, we were discussing that it is very difficult to earn money everywhere in humanities field. I can understand it because I wanted to write about literature and history. History is my main favorite topic and whenever I find any spare time, I try to read about history of different countries. However, at the same time, I know that opening a blog on history will not bring any money for me.
I think one of the good parts of economic recession is that suddenly many people can see that studying MBA cannot guarantee your future. At least in USA, many people with good business degrees lost their jobs and unemployment is not limited to only humanities subject anymore. So, many people are unhappy now and perhaps they will try to think.
In the last one decade, most young people everywhere felt that running after money was the best thing to do. They became too much addicted to consumerism and they felt that they must earn more money and enjoy life more. However, this idea reached in its peak and then the great recession of 2008 came. I just hope that people start to think about this matter seriously and try to think about humanities subjects. They must try to understand that history and philosophy are very important for any human being. 

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