Saturday, October 10, 2009

What do you think of Pride and Prejudice Novel?

It seems that today is the day of writing from my heart. When I started blogging, this was my motto that I would write what I feel and what I believe. It is not that I do not do it but may be, I try to make a balance between my feelings and what I should say. So, today, it is the day to say my feeling. Pride and Prejudice is a great novel and very popular one. It is perhaps one of the top ten widely read novels in the world. I like it but there are some things I do not like.
First of all, both Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley are rich young men. There is nothing wrong in their being rich but my problem is that Jane Austen has shown them as good men too. Well, in my life, I have seldom seen rich men being good. Perhaps the main reason they are bad is that they exploit their workers and become rich or richer. Mr. Darcy was a rich estate owner in a rural area. So, it is obvious that the farmers under him suffered a lot and this way, he became rich and he would become richer. I mean this is a common story in every part of the world. Landlords in the past were rarely good. That is why, when industrial revolution took place in England, thousands of people from rural areas came to new towns and cities to work as labors.
Jane Austen has not told anything about Mr. Darcy as a landowner. Elizabeth saw and fell in love with the beauty of the place. Well, Jane Austen was mostly confined to her house and family. So, she did not have that much scope to investigate and experience the life of ordinary farmers under people like Mr. Darcy. Thus, we cannot blame her in this regard. 

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