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Difference Between Elizabeth Bennet and Jane Bennet

They are two sisters. Jane is the elder one and then is Elizabeth. However, from first, it is perhaps clear to us that Elizabeth is smarter and with stronger personality. On the other hand, Jane was an innocent and at times a naïve young who trusts people very easily. Of course, what is interesting to me is that in Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen kept a character called Jane in the first place but then she did not make her the heroine of the novel. This is funny to me because if I write a novel then I would never keep a character with my name.
Anyway, I want to be a successful novelist someday but at this moment, I am no body. I just promised you to write about Pride and Prejudice throughout October 2009 in this blog and this is the second time, I am doing it.
Jane is prettier while Elizabeth Bennet is smarter. Jane admires people very easily while her younger sister has a much more critical eye. Thus, if you had read the novel then you would perhaps agree with me that the two sisters are quite opposite. Well, somehow, I find that they have something in common.
Both of them are good young girls. They became like their father Mr. Bennet. It is clear that Mr. Bennet was a kind hearted and good man and he was very supportive to his daughters. Both Jane and Elizabeth has got the same attitude. They like each other and they are very supportive. They are adorable and any man would become lucky and perhaps happy if they get married to either of them. Of course, if you are a man then you have to understand the value of girls like these two sisters.
I think that this is thing that Jane Austen wanted to show us. Yes, the two sisters have opposite personality traits. Yet, they are adorable, good and lovely. They believe in goodness and kindness and try to act to their idea. Many men while looking for a wife do not know what qualities they should look into a woman. Perhaps, the message of Jane Austen is that first search goodness in a girl and then other things. Only then, a man can be lucky and happy in a marriage.
Jane Bennet was a very ordinary girl but she was a good girl and Mr. Bingley was surely lucky to become her husband. Of course, we have to assume that they lived happily ever after. 


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    Mr Bennet is not quite so kind-hearted as one may think considering his behaviour towards his wife and his two eldest daughters don't grow up to be at all like him.

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    This shit sucks. Mr.Bennet was sarcastic and treated his wife like trash. He was not kind hearted. Reread that shit again.

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      very well said

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    His objectivity from his own family causes problems. The man of the household is supposed to maintain order within the family and keep up the family’s appearance in society. Instead of maintaining the family name, Mr. Bennet does not seem to take interest in what his family does. Other members of the society in which the Bennets live see the Bennet family as tacky and tasteless. The younger Bennet girls, especially Lydia, are constantly going into town to meet up and flirt with officers. His wife is a gossip and does not present her family well at the dances. He fails at being an adequate father to his girls and fails at maintaining his family’s respectable appearance.
    Jane and Elizabeth are the two eldest Bennet sisters. They are extremely supportive of one another, but the two sisters contrast each other in personality. Jane is described as the most beautiful of the Bennet girls. She is good natured and tends to see the best in people. Jane is the one person in the Bennet household to not see Mr. Darcy in a bad light when he is first presented in Meryton. When Elizabeth confides in Jane about some of the contents of the letter from Mr. Darcy regarding the truth about Mr. Wickham, Jane “would have willingly gone through the world without believing that so much wickedness excised in the whole race of mankind, as was here collected in one individual… Most earnestly did she labor to prove the probability of error, and seek to clear the one without involving the other” (271). She is most likely to see the positive in things, as opposed to her sister, Elizabeth, who tends to be more skeptical in her view of other peoples’ attitudes and situation. Elizabeth, though also described as beautiful, is more attractive for her intelligence and wit. She views the world with a critical eye, which, like said before, makes her more skeptical of the world around her. While Jane has a tendency to control and even hide her emotions, Elizabeth speaks plainly and is not afraid to say what is on her mind. It is partially because of these hidden emotions that Mr. Bingley is persuaded not to marry Jane originally, and it is Elizabeth’s assertion of herself that makes her most attractive to Mr. Darcy.

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