Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Enjoying Blogging Again: It is the Best Job in the World

It is now 6:16 AM in my city. The city is becoming alive gradually and I will go to sleep. Well, today, I felt sleepy much earlier compared to other days. However, something caught up my attention when I was going to sleep. It was the Apple Earnings for the fourth quarter. Well, if we look at the year 2009 then it is third quarter but you should know that in USA, financial quarters are counted in a different way. So, Apple has made record profit at the time of recession and naturally, the people who bought shares of the company are very happy now.
I felt to write about it and spend a long time reading and then wrote the entry in another blog.
After many days, I enjoyed blogging again a lot. When I started blogging in 2006, I used to work whole night and at that time, I was 3 years younger and I had a lot of energy. Now, things are not that good but today, I realized that I again got back the passion of the days I started blogging. More than everything I wanted to produce good content that people would like to read. Today, I could do it at last again after many days. Thanks to Google, some people will surely come to read but today, I felt satisfaction that whatever I wrote was good. At least, I enjoyed writing the entries tonight. This is the most important part in blogging. You have to enjoy your work. So, I am going to sleep in a happy and cheerful mood.
If you are a blogger then I would like to give you the same advice. Just forget everything and try to enjoy your work. Success will come sooner or later. 


  1. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Bloggin is my hobby too... Many do blogs for money... But those who do bogging because of their interest gets successful. One example is you.. Lolz... Most of the bangladeshi bloggers are lazy...


  2. apple's earnings..i didnt know about that...
    your post was enjoyable as well..