Friday, September 25, 2009

Writing is a lonely work even when you are Famous

It is now 8 AM in my city. Tonight, I worked almost whole night. For the last 10 hours, I am working with my PC and Internet. Of course, I ate my dinner and did some chatting with my wife who is now in another country for few weeks and also lay in bed some. Still, I worked a lot tonight and updated a number of blogs. I am happy with my work. I think that I nearly posted 8 entries in different blogs. So, it was a good work done. Well, as I said in the title, writing is indeed a very lonely job. I am writing alone. Even if I become successful as a blogger and freelance writer, still when I will write I will have to do it all alone.
This part of writing will perhaps never change because in the end, you have to think and then produce something. For this, you need some quiet place and isolation from everything. I have to read a lot first and then I can produce something. Even this reading part is done mainly in isolation.

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