Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Should you Work for Free as a Freelance Writer?

I have been looking after the advertisements of freelance writing projects in various websites since 2003. I find that some forums and websites have two kind of jobs or projects or gigs whatever you want to call them- paying and non paying. Even the paying works are mainly very low paid. Non paying are free- that means you get nothing except your name. So, should you write for free? There are basically two opinions about it. Some writers feel that no one should write anything free. On the other hand, those support the idea for writing without any money think that this way they can they can build a profile and get some exposure.
If you ask for my opinion then I like to say that I support both of these two ideas. On the one hand, I believe that you should not write for free. Some money should come. On the other hand, building a profile is a good idea. Well, until, Blogspot came, I had this idea very strongly. However, thanks to Google, now you don’t need to write for others for free. You can build a very good profile by opening a blog in Blogger. You just need to have the passion and dedication for writing. 

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