Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Freelance Writing in South Asia: Just Give Your Best Effort

Frankly, it is not a very good time for freelance writing in USA. The economic recession is bad enough but perhaps worse is the matter that advertisement revenue in printing world is decreasing while online ad spending is steadily growing. So, tough time is now for most freelance writers in the western countries. We at South Asia perhaps do not bother that much because most of us really cannot even in the wildest dream can expect to sell an article for $1 per word. This is like a fairy tale. If I can do it someday, I think I will not sleep for 2-3 days because in my part of the world it is like a fantasy that never comes true.  
If you are freelance writer from South Asia, then do not lose hope. Just focus on your work and I am sure that someday you may get  a big breakthrough. Of course, it does not come easily and may be it will not come to most of us. So what! Let us try. 

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