Monday, August 24, 2009

If you want to be a Successful Writer then be prepared to Struggle

I know it from my own experience and after reading the lives of many great writers. Do you know Charles Dickens? He suffered a lot in life- especially in early life. It was not his fault that he was born in a poor family. In fact, he had very small scope to study. He had to earn money from a very early age. Dickens tried his best to learn from life. Yes, he learnt a lot from his experience in London. So, he could write about the people with uncanny ability and very few writers can match with him in this regard. Of course, Shakespeare can match with him and then, William Shakespeare was a poet and dramatist who struggled a lot in his own life too. He came to London and tried his luck in drama and it was not that easy at first.

This is the thing you must remember if you want to be a wrier. Of course, if you come from a well off family then you are lucky. However, in that case, you have to struggle in another way- you have to work hard. You have to dedicate a lot for writing. Perhaps this is reason that many rich people do not become successful in this field. Either way, you have to try a lot. For example, I am writing something here. If I and some of my friends and relatives read it then it has no value. I have to reach to a wider audience and it does not come easily.

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