Sunday, August 09, 2009

Why anyone wants to be a Writer?

This is surely a question that comes to the mind of many people in this world. From my childhood, I dreamt of writing. Of course, I wanted to be a journalist rather than a novelist or playwright. I dreamt that I would write in my own language not in English. Now, in the end, I have become a blogger instead of becoming a writer or journalist. Anyway, why I wanted to be a writer?

Both my parents were journalists when I was born and may be it is something genetic in me. Secondly, the thing that inspired me a lot was the writings of some great writers like Charles Dickens and George Orwell. There are some short stories, some poems, some novels, some dramas and some essays that have become an integral part of my soul, my existence. I dream that someday I can write like Dickens. I dreamt that someday, I could write Orwell. The dramas, poems, short stories, essays and novels have perhaps defined who I would become in life. They have influenced my thinking and personality.

I always feel amazed to read some novels like Keep the Aspidistra Flying of Orwell and A Christmas Carroll of Dickens. It does not matter to me that Keep the Aspidistra Flying is not a popular novel or it did not receive that much praise from the critics. Not only that, even Orwell did not think of the novel so highly. It does not matter to me and it is none of my business. What is important to me is that I like it. I find it entertaining. I feel that there is something to enjoy in it and learn some lessons from it.

I am lucky to be born in the age of Internet because thanks to blogging, writing can be a full time employment at last. It is tough. It is not that I can write short stories and earn money. I wish that I could do that. I have to write about business, technology and even about sports. Still, I love to write and type with my computer.

I really don’t know about others but I know that I love to read and write.

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