Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Can Global Recession bring back Interest about Reading Books?

I am in my 30s and I am not even middle aged but I have seen radical change about reading habit of most people I know. When I was a child or even a teenager, I used to read story books on a regular basis. I guess that most of my friends used to do the same thing. Now, it has changed radically. There is cable television, movies and Internet. Those days, we did not have any taste of satellite TV channels. We had to wait many weeks for some live sports events or a good movie in TV. Now, there are a lot of entertainment options. I was wondering whether the economic recession can bring back some interest of reading books.

I think that it will happen because many people are now worried and under intense pressure. Books can really bring some calm for most people because it needs some kind of thinking. When you are watching TV then you are simply a passive person who is just watching and the people in TV are doing all the actions and talking. Even, in moist of the cases, you do not need to think. Just think of the music videos. They are perhaps more related to give you pleasure with beautiful women wearing short dress rather than playing any emotion with the melody and lyric. On the other hand, books are always there to ignite emotion in you. You think about the characters. You are in constant challenge to think and have some kind of emotional interaction with the writer, with the characters.

There is another reason that I think that reading books may become popular during the time of economic recession. Suddenly, many people have discovered that they should have more knowledge about money and finance. They need to know more about how to manage their money and assets. So, there is a possibility that the popularity of finance related books will increase a lot in western countries. Well, you may argue that finance books are not exactly creative books. You are right but look at the bright side. Finance books are books. They are written after extensive research and some decent amount of efforts. 


  1. Hi, i really like your post. One reason, i read.. a lot..
    your right, reading is very calming, but it also helps in the creative process of visualization. Like you said, watching Tv is passive.. Reading sparks this visualizarion process..

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  2. Sabrina12:06 AM

    This is the time of satellite. There are lots of thinks for the distraction. Children easy are attracted by TV rather than reading books. In my childhood I loved to watch cartoons but I could watch it once in a week. Now there is cartoon channel and a child can watch it for hours.
    In your post you have written the right thing that is reading books is very good for mental clam which is very necessary. It is good for brain. Reading books is not only good for human mind but also good for human brain.