Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ballad Poems Losing Popularity

By looking at the Stats of this blog, I could find that many people come here while searching about ballad poems. To know about it, I would like you to read this entry from this blog. What is confusing to me is that why there are no Ballad poems are written any more in our time. Maybe, it is not the time of poetry as most people are interested about only novels. I wish that people can get back their passion of reading poetry and again ballad poems will be written in large numbers around the world. I really wish that. 


  1. Hi, I think people are into short poetry.

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  2. Sabrina12:10 AM

    In English literature, Ballad is common topic. Students have to know about it as it has deep relation with the history of English literature. At first, there was no idea about novel. So, people used this for telling story. Through Ballad, poet described the story. The idea of novel has changed this style. Now in this modern age, the writers are inspired to write novel. Behind this cause, there is reason. I think this reason is that the readers of modern age. They may be do not like to read Ballad. The style of novel is now popular and no one likes to read Ballad instead of novel.
    However, the writers should concentrate no writing the Ballad. Besides poetry, they can show their interest in Ballad. It is a great part of literary genre. The style of Ballad is somehow similar with poetry, but Ballad has its own style. Besides poetry, writers can write Ballad.