Saturday, March 28, 2009

Newspapers are Dying: Are you Reading?

It seems that the inevitable is going to happen to newspaper industry very soon not only in America but also in different parts of the world. I am sure that the newspaper industry will survive in Asia much longer than America and Europe but the end will come sooner or later. Well, I’m not that sad are even worried because it is not that but we will be out of information but what we have to understand is that only the medium of the information is going to change from print to online.

But yes, we will have more access to news to web sites rather than getting a newspaper in the morning. In my home I do not subscribe to any printed newspaper for at least Six years from the day I found that I can read even more newspapers and news through Internet. So, for a person like me, the death of the newspaper industry will not change anything because I am already done with the migration from printed paper to virtual world.

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  1. Sabrina1:32 AM

    I think it will affect the printing industry. Several people are involved in this business. In western country, may be it will happen early because their networking system is really good. Many people get the chance of using internet. But it is not possible in Asia. I think that in third world country, people like to read news on newspaper rather than online.
    People like you really enjoy reading news on online as it gives latest news update which is not possible in the case of newspaper.