Friday, August 22, 2014

Life is full of challenges: Be Brave

 I am almost getting back my health and energy. I am not sick anymore. This is a great feeling and at last, I am really happy and excited for the future. I have dreamt of this time for the last 5 years. Here it is at last. My health is normal and stress has decreased significantly. I can work some and I am hoping to come back to full time work within the next 4 months.
I simply cannot remember the last time, I felt good for a week or for a month. At last, I feel some normal and I am hopeful that life will become better in every side. However, there is always new challenge in every step of life.

Life is not a fairytale story for most people. There are difficulties and challenges. It is important how you can deal with your problems. You cannot expect that life will be good all the time. Then it will become monotonous and you will suffer from boredom. So, always be prepared for challenges in life and face them like a brave person. You have to be brave if you want to get out of the best from your life. 

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