Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Write from your Heart: It is very Difficult

When someone comes to me and ask for any advice on how to improve writing skill in English language, the only advice I give to them is that write from your heart. I just tell them that they should just write whatever they want and they should write on a topic that they enjoy. In my city, many people are fond of entertainment and sports. So, if I see any young person then my advice to them use that start writing about sports or entertainment. In fact, in this age of the Internet, it is very easy to open a blog at free of cost and then you can write whatever you want. However, I have noticed that it is not that easy. I mean writing from heart is not so easy because when we’re trying to express ourselves in a foreign language then there is some kind of mental pressure.

Surely, There is lack of confidence and we do not know whether the thing that we’re writing is correct or not. We are also worried about the reaction of our readers. This happens a lot in blogging because what I am writing today will be read by many people in the next few years. So, there is some kind of mental pressure in my subconscious mind that I should try to write something that is not bad and will not make me the object of laughter. I understand that this is a common problem for many people and maybe, it is much less in me than others.

My final advice is the same that try to write from your heart no matter what happens.

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  1. Hello
    I found your advice on “Writing from heart” interesting. My Native language is Farsi. Lately I have started a blog in English language to expand my viewers in a wider spectrum.
    I do I would like to find these bloggers who are interested in Literature and poetry.

    Please can you help me to find some links.
    I appreciate your comments on my works
    All the very best