Saturday, May 09, 2009

Why there are not so Many Blogs on Literature?

I have been professionally blogging for the last three years and I have noticed that there are very few blogs on literature. It is a bit confusing to me because Blogging has given us the opportunity to write about our own literature of different countries. Until the emergence of Blogging, it was very difficult to publish anything Internet at free of cost but thanks to this new medium of Internet publishing; it is really a free and very easy to publish your writing.

What I feel is that literature is not a very popular topic in Internet and most people are not that much interested to read creative writing by unknown and new writers. Secondly, Even if you write about the literary heritage of the country the problem is that it will not bring you good amount of revenue from advertising programs like Adsense. So, taking a serious effort to set up and then maintain a blog on literature is very difficult and will not bring good return on time and investment.

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  1. Sabrina1:18 AM

    There is no doubt that blogging is very good as it is totally cost free. Anyone can open his or her own blog and can write whatever he or she likes. I think several bloggers want to write about literature. May be they are not inspired to write about literature as you have said that Adsense is main thing to earn the money. Who are professional bloggers first they think to write about those topics which are important for the readers. As a result, the bloggers do not get any interest to open blogs on literature.