Wednesday, April 15, 2009

After Newspapers Will Novels Become the Casualty of Blogging?

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion taking place in both newspapers and top blogs about the future of print newspapers. It seems that the newspaper industry is suffering a lot of financial loss and their future is at stake. Internet and blogs have made it very easy for most people to read news and get updated round the clock at free of cost. In fact, sometimes, major blogs break news earlier than newspapers or even in some cases earlier than TV channels. So, more and more people are depending on blogs as their news source. As a result, advertising revenue has decreased in the newspaper industry.

I was wondering today whether the novels would become the next big casualty. Of course, you cannot find any blog that publishes novels on a regular basis. Some hobby bloggers do that but they are not that popular. However, it is quite possible that soon, many aspiring novelists would want to do that and some of them will be successful in making a fan base. In fact, I have the same desire when I can find some more time to devote. I have good experience in blogging and I know how to get visitors or promote my work in Internet. So, if I can write a good novel then I am optimistic of having a decent amount of readership. The difficult part is the revenue part. Most people in Internet are not interested to buy any content. So, they will not be interested to buy a novel written by an unknown writer. Google Adsense and Amazon ads are good only when you have many visitors daily.

So, I do not thinks that novels will be the next casualty. However, I do think that it will eventually happen and will take time.

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  1. Sabrina1:24 AM

    For latest news internet is the best. We do not need to wait for newspaper. In anything happens in any country we get the news on the day in internet. Reading news on internet has become popular among people. It is really harmful for the newspapers. But I do not think that it will happen in the case of novel. When a reader likes a novel he wants to buy that book. Reading book is entertainment for several people. Who are passionate about reading they like to increase their book collection. Unknown or new writer does not matter for the readers who are really passionate about reading.