Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Potentials for Bangladeshi writers in the western market

My 2 early posts have been about the challenges and limitations Bangladeshi writers have to face when they try to enter into the international freelance writing industry. Today, I like to present the other side of the coin. I want to discuss the potentials of Bangladeshi writers in the international market. Until now online writing and writing in the western market has been largely an unexplored territory for Bangladeshi writers. Indian writers have shown remarkable success and like outsourcing of IT related services, writing outsourcing to India is gradually becoming a serious issue in America. There are a lot of potentials for Bangladeshi writers and here I am mentioning some of them.

Down to earth rate
In today's free market economy, down to earth rate is perhaps the main strength of writers from Bangladesh. US$ 10 for a 1000 word article is not a bad bargain for a writer living in Bangladesh. Also, the good thing with the online market is that it has works every day. With the ever falling price of our currency Taka against US Dollar, Bangladeshi writers will receive more money day by day when they would convert US dollar Bangladeshi currency. The price factor is really an important thing to exploit for Bangladeshi writers. Personally, I am against of exploiting cheap labor but there is no other way for us to make our mark in the US market.

A lot of free time for online research
Just for an income of US $10, a writer in Bangladesh can dedicate his one working day for doing research in net and write an article. So, the Bangladeshi writers should target for the cheap markets initially. No American writer would think of dedicating a whole working day of 8 hours just for 10 dollar. In fact, it is far lower than the lowest rate of wage in USA. In USA the average hourly rate of a technical writer is more than 50 dollar. Some technical writers charge even more than $80 for one hour.

Strength of grammar and spelling
Thanks to the special emphasis given on English language in the educational system of Bangladesh, many graduates of the country can boast of significantly good skill of English language.

To make the best use of our potentials, Bangladeshi writers must be serious about developing their own standard. In the next post, I will discuss about what Bangladeshi writers should do to be successful in the international writing markets.

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