Monday, March 06, 2006

Revenge (Short Story)

"Fool! Fool!"
Hearing it Ripon suddenly got shocked in the middle of the alley. These words were uttered towards him by a boy with Sabu and Sabu burst into laughter hearing it. Ripon did not know the name of the boy but he knew that the boy was a teenage thug in the neighborhood. This is not Ripon's neighborhood and Protesting means he would get beaten up only. Instead he continued walking to towards Mizan's home. Sabu's friend continued shouting, "Fool! Donkey! Why don't you come to us? Why are you running away? Are you scared?"
At that time, Ripon saw Mizan coming towards him. Mizan went towards Sabu and his friend and requested to act politely. They did not say anything to Mizan as he was a boy of the neighborhood but continued abusing Liton, "Hey donkey! Who is your dad?"
Ripon felt scared and angry. On the one hand, he was scared that Sabu and his friend could attack him while on the other hand; he wanted to hit them with his hand and leg and then run away. However, this is not a logical option as he has to go to school everyday along this road. So, he started talking to Mizan and ignored Sabu and his friend. Riton and Mizan soon came to the sports field of the neighborhood and talked about the matter.
"I think Ripon that Sabu has become jealous because of Nafisa teacher's scolding Sabu."
"What that has to do with me?"
"Because Nafisa teacher likes you and she has said many times to us in the past that why we cannot learn to be gentle and good like you."
"But today she did not say it when she was scolding Sabu".
"You are right but you know Sabu- he is a little bit spoilt."
Ripon did not say anything after that and he did not like the complacent tone of Mizan either. He thought, "After all, Mizan is a 14 year old child and so it is natural from him to think like that."
It is a problem of Ripon that he always considers boys of his own age to be a child. He is 14 too but all the time he is reading newspapers and books and knows about the world much more than other boys of his age. Nafisa teacher likes him for it and in the class often talks with him about international politics. She really admires the interest of this boy who is in just class nine.

(I can see in my sitemeter that I have now some consistent visitors everyday and that is why I am posting a part of my new short story. Actually, I have started to write it from today and have not finsihed it yet. However, since I have some visitors everyday, I want them to get something fresh to read daily and for this reason, instead of waiting for a week to finish the story I am going to post it part by part.)

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