Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Translation of a poem of Michael Modhusudan Dutt

I hope that you have already read the article about Michael Modhusudan Dutt ( ) written by Biplob Kishor Deb. Now I have attempted to translate one of the poems of Michael Modhusudan Dutt called 'Kopotakhso Nod' (River Kopotaksho).

River Kopotaksho

You are in my heart constantly, Oh river.
I think of you constantly here,
Like the man in dream at night hears
The sound of chanting, my ears get satisfaction
With your echoing sound.

I have seen many countries and have been to many rivers,
The water of no river can satisfy this thirst of affection.
You are like the milk flowing breast of mother land.

Will I see you again? As the days go on,
Like the subject you give offerings to the sea,
Please sing to the ears of every Bengali
The name of the person who in this alien land,
Has remembered you with love in the music of Bengal.
(This is only a first draft and I think there are some mistakes too. I would welcome any comment and any correction from any reader).

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