Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting Back My Life at Long Last

I don’t know if any of my 89 followers of this blog noticed the fact that I did not update this blog for the last 3 months but I surely missed writing in this blog. The good thing is that I have lost almost 11 KG (24.2 lbs) and more than the weight loss, I feel normal for the first time in many years. I feel great. I still need to lose 6-7 Kilo Gram but I really feel normal in my heart, chest, stomach and head. The best thing that has happened is to me is that 90% of my stress is gone.
I have missed almost 3 years of life and I could have accomplished so much in blogging in the last 3 years. Just last week, I was present as a discussant at a seminar on “New Media, Blogging and Social Responsibility” held in a university. I was not the keynote speaker but I enjoyed speaking at the event. Nearly 2 months ago, I took part in a discussion program in a local TV channel. I went there as an IT (Information Technology) journalist and the live talk showed continued for 45 minutes. Next week, I am supposed to conduct a workshop on Online Journalism and Online Writing in another university.

I was very happy that I could last for 45 minutes in a live talk show because, I had no experience of live television before that. By the way, I am also involved now with a research project with a university. So, I am doing things but still not back to full time work. I have realized that I still need 3-4 months or even 6 months before I can think of starting a full time job. May be, I will have to wait until the beginning of 2013 for that but I am not sad for it.
I am not sad because, I have lost 3 years because I was always in a hurry. I did not wait enough and any time, my health showed some signs of improvement, I just pushed myself too much to get back to work. I am after all a workaholic person and I enjoy working more than anything else. I believe in working hard and I enjoy working more than most people I know. There is nothing wrong in it and it is even an appreciable quality. However, what is wrong in me is that I always tried this quality of mine to the most extreme level.
As long as I was young and healthy, it was not a bad thing and I overcame many limitations in my life because of this quality. However, now, I am not young anymore and I am still not back to my normal health. Even after I become healthy, I must be extremely cautious about not working too hard. Now, when I look back to the past 6 years, I really regret for working too hard. On the other hand, I have stopped regretting for the past because I know that my goal was good. I failed to achieve my dreams in life but I am making a fresh start.
My wife has taught me one valuable thing. According to her, health is the first basic thing of a human being. I now agree with her and I will never neglect my health again. I just forgot everything and got completely engrossed in a project if I liked it. I did not care about diet or eating healthy but just ate a lot when I liked a food. I also enjoyed finishing an interesting book within a night instead of sleeping. In short, I was a very emotional person and when I liked something, I just rushed towards it with all my ability.
As a result, I just lost my health and for the last 3 years, I could hardly work as I was sick and weak most of the time. It caused a lot of emotional pain for me because I was forced to stop working at my finest hours. Perhaps, it made me more desperate to try and it made my condition worse. If I just stopped trying for 4-6 months then surely, I would not have lost 3 years I guess. I surely needed to become wise and mature and I am happy for learning this lesson.
So, I must continue putting my health first and then my work. Otherwise, history will just repeat itself. I really from my heart would love to thank everyone for reading this blog for the last 2-3 years. Your reading this blog has surely helped me a lot to get some mental strength. I wish that I had been more active with this blog as I never dreamt of earning money from it. 

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