Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 and Eat Well

I just noticed that I have not posted anything in this blog for the last one month. So, I wish a very late happy new year 2012 to all the readers of this blog. There are now 84 followers of this blog and I really wish to write some comments in some of these blogs but then, I am really trying my best to get my health back.
From 1 January 2012, I have seriously started an effort to change my eating habit. In the past, I have seriously tried to decrease my weight 4-5 times and each time failed. You see decreasing weight is not that difficult and each time, I could lose nearly 10 KG in just two months but then I got back the 10 Kilogram or 22 pound very quickly too.
What went wrong? Why I failed each time in the same way? Now, I know the answer. First of all, I tried to decrease weight very quickly and went for extreme calorie reduction. Water fasting became my favorite tool. I did not take exercise seriously. Because I hardly ate, doing exercise was impossible too. This time, I am doing two things different. First of all, I am not obsessed with decreasing weight rapidly. I am eating every day and not thinking of any kind of water fasting- at least not for the next 2 months.
I am taking one or two meals a day instead of 3. So, I have cut back on my calories but not that much. In the past, during my diet days, I almost or even totally stopped eating meat. This time, I have 100% stopped eating beef and mutton (goat meat) but I am eating chicken twice a week. As a result, I don’t feel weak like past. I normally eat a heavy lunch of nearly or some more than 1000 calories and 5 days a week, I eat vegetarian foods (with the exception of eggs). Then, at night, if I don’t feel hungry, I don’t eat the second meal. However, if I do fell hungry then I eat the second meal and the second meal is always raw food like banana or peanuts (without oil or salt).
On the two days that I eat meat, I take care not to eat more than 2000 calories. So, I am slowly but consistently losing weight without being that much hungry. The only sugar I eat these days is in my tea. I have almost stopped eating shrimp as I have high cholesterol problem.
I have stopped doing any work or looking for work at this moment. Any work brings stress and I really need no stress for the time being. This is a very wise decision because without it, I would not be able to totally focus on my health at last. If you are really trying to decrease your weight then try to take a break from your professional life for a few months.
Most probably, this time, I will become successful in decreasing weight to the desired level. I wish to decrease nearly 14 KG more in the next 15-20 weeks. However, I need to think of the time after I really reach to the desired level of weight. Until now, my weight came back very rapidly after reaching to the desired level. It happened on each occasion in the past. So, I need to find a good strategy this time. Well, you see when you consume more calories than you should, your weight will slowly increase and when you consume fewer calories than you should then your weight will slowly continue to decrease. This is really as simple as that.
So, I need to continue eating healthy food items as well do regular exercise to prevent the lost weight coming back. Of course, I cannot continue to be without any work for a long time but I am not that much worried for it because when my health improves then I can work hard and compensate for the lost days. After all, the hardest part is now not doing any work. I am fond of working more than most people.



  2. I need to maintain my sexy body but there is a lot food this new and i can't resist to eat them.LOL

  3. Razib bhaya.. aasha kori bhalo accho. It's really nice to know that you are so focused on achieving a healthy body/lifestyle. Not all are able to as weight loss is a difficult task. All the best to you.

    It was so nice of you to inquire about my well-being on my blog. I was touched. Apologies for my such a late visit.

    But what's this... even you have not update your blog anymore. Please do so soon.

    Bhalo theko.