Friday, July 23, 2010

The ups and Downs of in the life of a freelance Writer

It has been many years that I am trying to earn my livelihood as a freelance writer. I can tell you from my own experience that being a freelance writer is not an easy job. You have to move through constant struggle. There is even no guarantee that you can earn even one dollar in a week no matter how much you try. You have to sell something to earn some money.
Of course, if you are ready to do ghost writing for others then earning money becomes some easier. Even in ghost writing, there are some perils. You finish a work and then you are not getting paid in time. You just finished a ghost writing project and even you get no recognition for it.
It is frustrating and sometimes heartbreaking. If you are the only bread earned for your family then it can become nerve wrecking not only for yourself but also for your wife and children.
Still, people dream to become writers and I am just one of them. Life is not rosy at all but yet I like it. At this moment, I am trying to make a comeback to full time blogging and freelance writing again and I am hoping for the best.

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