Saturday, November 28, 2009

Have you written anything Today?

I noticed that I waste a lot of time every day and I do very small amount of writing. I browse Internet, check my stats, watch TV etc etc. Thus, I waste a lot of time and this way, I find very small amount of time to do the actual writing. I am a blogger and freelance writer. So, if I don’t write then I cannot earn money- this is as simple as that. Anyone who is either a blogger or a freelance writer has the same condition like me. Today, I was thinking that one of the biggest problems that I face is that instead of doing the writing, I think about other things a lot.
For example, one of my problem is that I get easily distracted with other things. When I sit to write then I constantly think about the quality of the entry that I am working on. I also think about the length. I am worried whether I am giving the correct information and appropriate analysis. I guess that many writers have the same problem like me.
I encourage you to read something in this regard:

The title should tell you what it is about. It is a good article written by Brian Clark. 

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  1. To answer your question... No! I haven't written a single thing today... aside from this comment lol.. But your post has given me an idea on something to write.

    The topic of your post is a question I often ask myself too. I went through years of formal education and only just started to take the prospect of freelance writing seriously. One my techniques I use to force creativity and avoid procrastination is I've incorporated writing techniques I picked up in the years of formal writing in University: If you're not sure what to write, give yourself the assignment of writing atleast 100 words anyway. Even if what you write doesn't make sense it gets the gears turning. It's a gragmatic approach I find that induces critical thinking and creativity and ultimately demolishes the mental barriers one imposes on himself.