Sunday, March 11, 2007

Earn Money Online: Spam Online

Really, it is a pity that we have so many spammers in Internet who are always trying to earn money at the expense of common people. The spammers try every way possible to earn some money. Sometimes, they use legitimate ways while often they use not so legitimate ways. Their only target is to earn money online. So, they do not develop content and they just develop spam. They do not care if others read or not read their spam. Rather, they just care to earn more money.

Here are just few ways that spammers try to earn money online:

  1. Send spam mails containing nothing but advertisements of different products. Their goal is to spread the message of a product to millions of people in Internet. Fortunately, most people have become smart now but still some people will buy their products.
  2. Sometimes, the spam mails contain adware or spywares and this way the spammers collect information about your surfing habit.
  3. Phishing is a great example of illegal activity in Internet. They just do not stop. I often get emails from phishers who pretend to be some big banks on which I do not have any account.
  4. Spammers make many worthless blogs and then fill up with garbage content that has no value to anyone. They do it to get ranked high in search engine results. It has become a big business. Fortunately for us who try to develop real contents, search engines are fighting back and trying to pinpoint spam contents.
  5. Cyber thieves would send you emails that they are very rich and have millions of dollars in Nigeria or another country and they want your help and transfer the money in your account and give you 25% of the money. This is a very dangerous game. If you get any email of this kind never ever go for it.
  6. Phony lottery companies send mail to you that you have won millions of dollars. The funny part is that they even do not know your address and even your name but they have decided that you have won the lottery. How it is possible unless they want to con you?

I really feel sad to see that the number of spammers is not decreasing in Internet. The worst part is that we live in a world now where money is the only important thing. It does not matter how you earn the money as long as you are earning it.


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    It is not method of earning money. Initially people may find it easy to earn money by spamming other but some these people realise them and stop paying any attention to them.

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  3. Anonymous8:34 PM

    I wana learn to spam!:P