Sunday, March 11, 2007

Earn Money: 7 Reasons Why Adsense is the Best?

Now in Internet, most people who want to earn money are familiar with Adsense. If you look at the explosive growth of professional blogging then you will find that Google Adsense is the key reason behind such growth. Thousands of websites and blogs earn money (monetize) through Adsense program. I do not need to explain in details about Adsense as I am sure that most of you are aware of it. I am trying to discuss here about the matter that Adsense is indeed the best source of earning money in Internet. Here are few reasons:

  1. You can easily get accepted in Adsense. In fact, Google accepts people from almost all the countries on earth. They do not bother if you are in Asia or America. They also accept almost everyone who apply provided that the applicant’s website or blog does not violate any ToS of Adsense program. Google also accepts a site within a day or two. So, you do not need to wait a lot.
  2. Implementation: Implementation of Adsense is very easy. You do not need to become a tech guru to insert Adsense codes in your website or blog.
  3. Relevant Ads: I think that this is the strongest feature of Adsense. If you write about laptops in your website or blog then your visitors will surely find advertisements related to laptops.
  4. Good Income: Many times, I have read in websites, blogs and even in forums that publishers earn highest amount of money by Adsense. Yes, there are some exceptions for some website, blog or forum owners but exception is exception- not the rule.
  5. Blogger: If you are using Blogger then you will notice that Adsense has great integration with Bloggers. I am a very big fan of Blogger and I love the way Adsense works.
  6. Great support from Google: Yes, I have to admit that Adsense has great support team. They response very quickly and effectively.
  7. Ideal for everyone: It does not matter how many visitors you have. You can always get accepted from Adsense whether you are small or big. It also does not matter what kind of topic your website or blog has. Adsense covers everything as long as there is any commercial value of your topic.

Well, this is surely my personal experience only but I know that I am right because most websites, blogs or forums that I come across the Internet, use Adsense for earning money. If Adsense was not the best then it would become so overwhelmingly popular.


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