Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How Literature Can Bring Peace in Your Mind?

I just finished writing an entry in this blog Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening of Robert Frost: Some Reflections. I felt a lot of peace and happiness after uploading it. This entry will not bring traffic or money and not many people would even read it but I felt very good because I felt that it was written in a good way. In simple words, I felt satisfaction after reading it. The poem made me think of my own life and condition.  Have been suffering from bad health for long time and recently, I realized that the stress of managing a small blog network is also putting a lot of stress on me.
Earlier today, I felt that writing anything was impossible for me because I had the burden of 14 blogs in my mind. I felt sad because writing is the thing that I enjoy most. I don’t need to go any party or celebrate any festival. If I can write then I feel a lot of satisfaction. When I was suffering from money worries then I always dreamt that someday I would be able to just write and write. Nearly 4 years ago, blogging brought this blessing for me. However, blogging also brought another problem- stress.
When you are a blogger then writing an entry is not enough. You have to arrange traffic (visitors) for your blogs and you also have to earn money. Poor health meant that I could not work for last 6 months and it decreased the traffic by almost half and economic recession resulted in decreasing my income. So, I have started to suffer from stress and writing became a very difficult work for me. Earlier today, my wife told me that I should not bother about managing a blog network, getting visitors and earning money. Instead, I should just do the only thing I enjoy in my life: write. I should leave the burden of the network and just focus on one blog.
Then I realized that she was right and I should focus on just one blog: South Asia Blog. I am deeply passionate about South Asia and I know a lot about this field. So, from tomorrow I am only going to write about this blog. Then, you may wonder that why, I wrote in this blog about Robert Frost’s poem! It is because writing in this poem is not work but like medicine. I felt a lot of peace while writing the entry about Robert Frost. It is literally my medicine to come back to normal life and escape the stress.
I always dreamt that I would translate many short stories and novels from Bangla (Bengali) Literature. I am going to just start it from tomorrow. I am also going to write about my favorite poems, short stories, dramas and novels of English literature in this blog from now.
We all seek peace but modern lifestyle is full of stress. Many of us perhaps do not understand that we have lost peace from our life. May be a new car or new ornament bring joy for us but surely they cannot bring peace. That is why, despite economic prosperity, many of us do not have peace. We are often restless and literature can be helpful in bringing back the peace.
I am not saying that just reading a novel or writing about a beautiful poem would solve all of your problems. No, they are not going and even I know this very well. However, at the same time, I know it very well to that a beautiful poem or a short story would make me think about my life. Writing about ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening of Robert Frost’ just did that. I could sense some meaning out of the poem and put in my own life. A good poem always contains some good message and some food for thought. 

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