Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Do some freehand writing Everyday

By freehand writing, I’m indicating that kind of writing that you just write something without thinking of your quality or errors. You may feel that it is only for the beginners but this is not right because let us take a few seconds and think that every day for how many minutes we write something. There is no doubt that we read a lot, we even speak more and perhaps we lease and most. However, when it comes to writing, we surely give the least amount of time. Some days, many of us do not have any writing to do but we should not forget that it is a very important skill in the human life.

Even in the educational system, it is the most important factor that determines the outcome of your grades. Whatever you learn for the whole semester or year, in the end you have to sit in an examination and write the things that you were asked to in the question paper. That is why; you should not neglect this matter and must do some freehand writing everyday.


  1. Anonymous6:49 AM

    how to write free hand???

  2. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Considering putting comments here is a freehand writing practice. I am a begginer writer, thus making simple sentence besets my mind. Larning word meaning, ten words each day from Word Smart, is essential for me to improve my vocab-bank. However, memorizing words is not sufficient enough to enjoy the deserving improvement but using these in regular basis will fulfill the desire to learn more and memorize more. As all know, verb is one of the key parts of speech to make sentence. If writer does not know words which express "the heart-the point that writers make is expressed by exact word or words" of a sentence, he will unintentionally belie things written and belittle his writing ability.